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Mu-Season 3 information


Standard Server Info

Version: Ultimate Season 3

Experience: 6000x

Drop Rate: 1% (only exc and jewels)

Maximum Level: 400

Points Per Level: 15/17/17

Limited Stats : 32 767

+11+28+Luck items in shop

All wings in shops

Monsters Spots: 10 - 15

Boss Monsters are 500% stronger

Create Guild from 5 Resets

Multiple vaults: 3 (use /ware 1 /ware 2 /ware 3)


Custom adjustments for more comfortable experience

/evo command to change your class faster

you can use all skills from level 1

you can use any wings from level 1

many skills mana and AG consumption adjusted

Dark Lord's raven is attacking very fast and durability is increased

Agility bug is fixed

/money xxxx command so you never run out of zen


Experience, Resets and Grand Resets Info

Reset level: 400

Reset Reward: 5 PCPoints

After reset: stats stay

Max resets: 50

Grand reset is from 50 resets

Grand Reset Reward: 1000 PCPoints



Game Events and Rewards Info

Boss events: drops box of kundun, all jewels, new jewels

Blood castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle: all jewels, new jewels

Golden invasions: drops box of kundun

Kundun: drops new jewels and ancients, best exc items

Kanturu: Nightmare drops jewels

Automatic drop event

Automatic PK event

Automatic find event

Castle siege (every Sunday 20:00 GMT+2)



Chaos Machine and jewels Info

All chaos machine rates: 100%

All jewels rates except harmony: 100%

You can make full option wings in chaos machine at 30% chance

380(pink options) on all items at 50% rate.

Harmony Success Rate = 50%



New jewels (skill,luck,additional,level and excellent) - you can make F.O items

All classes can use combo

Automatic find event, find Luke the Helper and win new jewels and PCPoints

Automatic drop event, drops box of kunduns and all jewels (does not drop new jewels)

New excellent options system


In game commands

/addstr /addagi /addvit /addene /addcmd - add your stats

/post - global message to all players

/pkclear - clear your killer status

/war - declare war with another guild

/soccer - play a soccer game against another guild

/store - use custom store /store bless /store soul /store pcpoints

/offstore - offline store for 24 hours

/attack - /attack SpellName (/attack TwistingSlash)

/reset - make reset in game

/readd - reset your stats

/evo - change your class

/money xxxxxx - give yourself zen

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Server Info

VersionSeason 3
Master Experience15/17/17
Drop1% only excellent and jewels
Total Accounts244
Total Characters422
Total Guilds14
Online Users0

Castle Siege

Castle Owner

Guild Master
Guild Registration Period

Castle Siege Battle
1 days 8 hours

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